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Which model of shimano gear is put in the bike ?

Torney/ Easyfire models have been used in the bike.

Is this bike equipped for off roading ?

Yes, it is equipped for off roading but not for the extreme zones.

Is this bike light weight or heavy ?

It is a light weight bicycle.

What accessories do we get along with this bike?

Along with this bike, you will get a user manual, toolkit, warranty card and an air pump.

Are the bikewheels steel or alloy ?

The wheels are double wall alloy rim.

Have mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes been used in this bike?

Mechanical disc brakes have been used in this bike.

What is the maximum weight that can be carried by the bike?

120 kgs is the maximum weight that can be carried by the bike.

What is the average height of the bike?

5'5" to 6" is the average height range of Urban Terrain bikes.

Whom to contact in case of repair or further inquiry?

Contact Urban Terrain customer care on 1800-572-6303/1800-572-6402 for further inquiry.

Do you provide installation services? Does the customer have to pay for it?

Urban Terrain provides free installation across India for all their products. Installation will be done within 2-7 business days (Metro: 2-3 days, Non Metro: 3-7 days). No, you dont have to pay for the installation.

How can I avail free diet and fitness plan?

You can avail free diet/ fitness plan through Fitplus Health app. If you have received your installation call, you would have received coupon code to access the app within 48 hrs. If not, please call on our toll free number 1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402 to get your free coupon code.

How can I avail my product warranty?

To know the extent of warranty or to avail the product warranty of your bike, please call on our toll free number - 1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402.

Where can I buy Urban Terrain bike?

To buy Urban Terrain bike, please visit our product page or you can directly buy on Flipkart.

What is the warranty duration of my bike?

Urban Terrain provides 6 months warranty on all its bikes.

Which parts are not covered under warranty?

Any type of physical damage is not covered under warranty. Tyres and tubes are also not covered under warranty.

What is the country of origin of the bike?

The cycles are manufactured in India/ Srilanka. For exact detail, please refer the packaging information.

Do we need to sign-in with our Fitplus account to enable Fitplus on device?

Yes, you have to login through your email, Facebook or Google account to enable Fitplus on your device.

Can I schedule the delivery according to my convenient time?

Yes, you can schedule delivery according to your convenient time. When the product is about to reach the nearby hub, delivery person will call to know your preferable time.